The Case for Bringing Swift to the Server

The talk presented by Patrick Bohrer and Chris Bailey shows lots of things related to Swift Language, including:

  • The current status of the server side implementation of Swift;
  • The roadmap to bring Swift to server environment;
  • The effort IBM is investing on Swift;
  • Some of the tools created by IBM in order to promote / enable Swift, specially on server side;

It demonstrates that Swift on server side has a strong, professional and reliable evolution plan.

The talk doesn’t mention anything about performance, except some improvements made by IBM in the core of Swift itself, however it doesn’t how any benchmark or even more information about the internals of Swift port to the server.

One of the things that I’m not sure yet related to Swift is its memory footprint compared to other programming languages like golang and nodejs, specially because this is one of the key aspects when dealing with microservices.

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