Clean Code: Meaningful Names

If you have to read the source code to understand the meaning of a variable name it is because that’s a bad name

Here is a list of best practices on namming variables, classes, functions / methods, interfaces and enums:

  • Communicate your intent;
  • Avoid disinformation;
  • Pronounceable names;
  • Avoid encodings (e.g. Hungarian notation);
  • Classes, variables names should be nouns;
  • Methods / functions should have verb names;
  • Boolean methods should have names as predicates (e.g. isAuthenticated);
  • Variables should have short names in small scopes and long names in large scopes;
  • Functions should have long names in small scopes and short names in large scopes;
  • Classes should have long names in private scopes and short names in public scopes;

Any fool can write code that a computer can understand. Good programmers write code that humans can understand. (Martin Fowler, 2008)

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