Learning Notebook
Feb 28, 2016
2 minutes read

A repository of notes taken during the process of learn something.


During our daily learning process we consume a lot of information from articles, blog posts, books, tweets, videos, chat with working colleagues, etc. Unfortunately must part of us can’t hold all information we consume for the rest of our lives, some times it doesn’t even last a couple of weeks in our memory.

It is a good exercise to take notes of things your learn for future reference. How many times have you had to dig Google trying to find some article that you read in the past and forgot to take a note of it, specially when you find a very interesting article but it is not directly related to the main topic that you were searching for?

Some of the benefits of the note taking practice are:

  • to help you remind of topics that are not fresh in your memory anymore;
  • as reference to write articles, books, tweets, etc;
  • as reference to prepare material in order to speak in conferences;

Even if you haven’t read the whole article, book, etc, it is still valid to take notes of it, to write a few words / an overview, so in the future you can easily back to it.

Public Learning Notebook

You might be a bit concerned about sharing your notes but think about the benefits of it. By making them public everybody can learn with it, people can subscribe to your RSS feed, add comments and suggestion in order to enhance the quality of the information.

Although all your notes will be public and they may help other people, don’t mind about:

  • the structure of them;
  • if they are well written and clear;
  • if other people will understand them;

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